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Ericsson Will International Trading Co., Ltd./Brand-CHANIDA (hereinafter referred to as this website), in order to give you peace of mind to use the information and services provided on this website, as described below, we will establish a privacy policy for handling company operations. Personal information about users throughout the site and protect your rights.

Use of cookies

The cookie is information that is sent from a web server to a user's browser and saved. The cookie can only be read via the web server that sent the message. Cookies are not programs, they are not executed separately, and they do not contain computer viruses. In order to improve the accessibility and convenience of our website, we may use cookies to collect information such as the browsing status of our website. This data does not identify or track a single user. Most browsers are set to use cookies from the beginning, but users can change their browser settings to display warnings or reject them when accepting cookies.

The third-party company can obtain and use cookie information by connecting to a third-party company's services and installing tags in the service. In this case, the acquired cookie information is not accumulated on our server, but accumulated on the server of the third-party company and managed according to the privacy policy of each third-party company.


Although our web server automatically collects and records the IP address of the user's computer, these do not identify you personally. Users can browse our website anonymously unless they disclose their personal information.


This website does not assume any responsibility for the following matters:

1.The completeness, accuracy, security, practicality, etc. of all matters related to this service.

2.The user's services provide a variety of content, as well as the company's receipt of this service due to the system caused by the wrong email and so on.

3.Trouble between users related to this service.

4.Problems with the content and services of the website connected to this website.

5.Damage caused by the environment, such as computers, lines, and software used by users.

6.Damage to the user due to the suspension/stop of this service or the content change of this service .


Web server record

All rights (ownership, intellectual property rights) relate to all works published on this website, such as characters,photos, videos, sounds, etc., portraits, characters, marks and other information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "content")rights, portrait rights, publicity rights Etc.) is owned by the company or company at its own expense from the content provider who owns the rights.

Users are not allowed to obtain any rights to the content or engage in any violation of the content rights.
If there is any violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, this website will retain the right to legal prosecution.

About the link

Although this site contains links to external sites, it does not share personal information with linked sites.
Regarding the handling of personal information on the linked website, it is recommended that the user browse the personal information processing of the relevant website.

Established and implemented in June 2019
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