獨立銷售代表 : 代理或獨立銷售





要求和核心責任包括 :

  • 在居家美妝生活領域建立良好的溝通與連結、傳遞積極的生活方式,在時尚與生活領域方面展現態度,並有效建立銷售通路渠道。
  • 強大的團隊與溝通協調者。
  • 參予所有國家/地區相關的展會。
  • 向零售管理領域/平台提供零售和戰略信息。
  • 支持所有合作者帳戶需求 : 培訓、銷售、分類計畫等,同時維繫管理與該地區所有合作者帳戶的良好關係。
  • 提供出色的客戶服務和維繫。




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CHANIDA電商平台、實體通路展出的國家/地區 : 

日本-東京、台灣、 中國-上海、泰國-曼谷、越南 、新加坡、馬來西亞、印尼、北美 。





Independent sales representative : Agency or Independent



CHANIDA is currently looking for Agencies and Independent sales representatives to join our growing sales team and service various territories throughout the ASIA.


Requirements and core responsibilities include :

  • Well communication and connection in the field of home beauty and life, convey an active lifestyle, show attitude in the field of fashion and life, and effectively establish sales channels.
  • Strong communicator and team player.
  • Attends all relative regional and national trade shows.
  • Provides retail and strategic information back to sales management.
  • Provide excellent customer service and maintenance.



CHANIDA offers competitive commission rates as well as strong and dependable head office support.

For those qualified and interested, please contact us.

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CHANIDA e-commerce platform and physical channels exhibited countries/regions:

Tokyo-Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai-China, Bangkok-Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, North America.